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Meet our Manager

Mrs. Sheona Harding

We are delighted to introduce Mrs. Sheona Harding, Level Up’s Manager.

Sheona holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education and has spent the past 8 years leading the infants Department at The British Preparatory School, she is an expert in this field of learning and is now leading the Level Up Education Centre.

“Every child is unique and important and within them lies an infinite capacity to learn and grow. I am passionate about finding a way to help children access challenging curriculum and to spark joy in their journey of learning. I strive to create an atmosphere of support and inclusion where the power of a child’s imagination, along with their unique ability to absorb information are fused in such a way to encourage each child to reach their potential educationally, while simultaneously nurturing their confidence as they continue to grow.

At Level Up, your child will not only develop key skills needed to thrive in this ever-evolving world, but they will also have fun doing it!”